It would be hard to find a strain that was more fittingly named. Lemon Haze truly tastes like fresh lemon rinds, and is so well known as that.

This sweet tangy strain makes for a sensational aftertaste, and mixed with an array of other citrus fruits, this one is sure to become an instant favourite.

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The Overview

This superior citrus scented strain stems from the merging of two giants. Lemon Haze was created when Lemon Skunk was mixed with the infamous Silver Haze. It is distinct in that its presence in a room can remind you very strongly of a basket of fresh lemons.


The scent of Lemon Haze can be heavy-hitting, so be prepared to mask the intense earthy and citrus aroma that it will fill the room with.


Sativa-dominant 6%

CBD 22% THC <0.2%


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