Purple Cheese Background

Purple Cheese is a Indica dominant strain. This Strain has gotten its name from crossing Purple # 1, Blue Cheese and Lowryder lineage.

Legend says that Purple Cheese was bred to introduce auto-flowering characteristics to the Blue Cheese strain as well as a more enticing flavour.

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Purple Cheese Aroma & Flavour

Purple Cheese was designed to have a sweeter less cheesy flavour than its Blue Cheese parent. It does, however, inherit a tight bud structure and a high CBD profile.

Purple Cheese definitely has a unique taste of sweet fruity candy with overtones of powerful musky cheese. The aroma is relatively mild, with hints of sweet pungent blue cheese and a slight touch of fruity berry.

Purple Cheese Effect

Purple Cheese may deliver powerful full-body effects best suited for night owls or patients treating Pain.


Purple Cheese is a very therapeutic strain, in nature due to its high CBD content.

Purple Cheese Genetics

  • Purple Cheese is an auto seed, a combination of Purple # 1, Blue Cheese & Lowryder.
  • Indica 85% Sativa 15%
  • CBD 23% THC <0.2 %

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